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Myositis symptoms | About Myositis

Myositis symptoms

Myositis is solely related to your muscles which may occur in any part of your body. There are a lot of ways to find the occurrence with the common myositis symptoms. Some of the common places where it can occur include,

ยท joints, lungs, heart, intestine, skin

Myositis is not a very common disease. According to a very recent survey, it has been found that around 6 โ€“ 11 people in every million in the U.S. There is no specific age for you to get myositis. It usually affects small children in the age group 5 to 16 and adults in the range 35 โ€“ 65. It has also been found out that myositis occurs mostly in women than men.

One of the vital myositis symptoms is the weakness of your muscles. It occurs very particularly in the hip or shoulder regions. Some of the other places where it occurs include

  • Region around your neck
  • Region surrounding your chest
  • Centre part of your lungs making you difficult to breath

A person affected from myositis would have a sore throat continuously. This is a very strong myositis symptom to find a person affected from myositis. Some of the other symptoms of myositis include arthritis, loss of weight, acute pain, abnormal fever, tenderness of muscles etc.

In some cases, myositis was also found to damage the heart which resulted in irregularity of heart beat. In some critical cases, the patient`s heart may also get enlarged due to the swelling of lower leg.

However, the criticality or severity of the symptoms largely varies from individual to individual. Certain people also have body myositis symptoms that develop rashes in their body while others tend to have arthritis or shortness of breath. The symptoms of myositis are most likely to occur in children than adults and most often leads to a disease called calcinosis. Myositis ossificans symptoms include small calcium lumps being deposited in the muscle fibres and skin.

Myositis is been categorized into several other variants which include

  • Polymyositis

Occurrence of this disorder is found by weak muscles and inflammations in various parts of the body. More often it occurs near the trunk. Some of the this myositis symptoms include difficulty in swallowing, acute pain at the joints..

  • Dermatomyositis

This affects your skin and changes the colour and tone due to its inflammation. Some of this body myositis symptom includes reddish rashes on the eyelids, patches at the cheeks, spots on the nose, pain at the upper part of the chest, strain at the joints especially in knees and elbows.

Inclusion Body Myositis symptoms slowly starts in your body by weakening your muscles throughout your body. Some of the most common symptoms include weakened fingers, short sized forearms and thigh muscles, struggle while swallowing food etc.

  • Juvenile Myositis

This is another type of myositis which usually affects children of the age group 5 โ€“ 12. Some of this myositis symptoms include rashes in the skin and acute pain and weakening of muscles.

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