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Myositis syndrome | About Myositis

Myositis syndrome

Inflammation of muscles is termed as Myositis. This disease is caused mainly by lymphocytes and antibodies that are produced against our body. Myositis Syndrome is a condition which causes severe low back pain. Dr. John E. Sarno is the one who gave this name as they are related to musculoskeletal and other nerve problems. Millions of patients are affected by this disease.

What causes Myositis Syndrome?

Myositis can also be indicated as Tension Myositis syndrome as these are cause as a result of stress and tension. Many people suffer from low back pain which interrupts them from working continuously. Many at times back pains are caused when people suffer a lot with stress and depression. This eventually leads to myositis syndrome tms. When this disease starts you will start realising pain in your shoulder, neck, lower back and buttocks. They slowly start affecting your tendons, nerves and muscles in your body. Mostly Myositis syndrome occurs for a person who daily stresses their life by over tension at work or while managing something. People who work in their computer for long hours also get this pain often.

Researchers have accepted that tension myositis syndrome has its root while a person could not adjust himself to the environment of the subconscious mind which results in oppressed emotions. That’s the main reason for widespread occurrence of back pain that exist everywhere.

Pain due to Myositis Syndrome:

Polymyositis syndrome is also another rarely known syndrome which causes pain to many muscles. These are similar to myositis syndrome when it comes to pain. Both of the disease cause very different sought of pain where the patient suffers more. Almost all patients have lower back pain whereas some experience pain on their hip, shoulder, neck, wrist, knee and middle back. Even though the major pain occurs on the lower back, patients suffer from additional pain too. When people are very much stressed emotionally their mind tends to distract the thought but when physical pain starts occurring, it really gets the patients attention. This needs immediate treatment else you will have to suffer the pain every day.

Myositis Syndrome Treatment.

Patients who suffer from Myositis Syndrome never knew that they have this disease. They start noticing it when they start having physical pain. Even after having a lower back pain or other pains they just take some medical treatments and therapies which show no proper results. If you follow some of the useless medical treatment you will surely get frustrated. Myositis syndrome treatment involves a set of protocol which has to be followed for complete restriction of the disease to come again. It is all about making you psychologically happy and solving your emotional issues. This treatment can mould you to lead a normal life which will start reducing your back pains. The treatment involves 30 percent of psychotherapy. Experts advise patients to stop taking physical therapy and spinal manipulation as these may cause some adverse side effects.

Start recognising the disease in your body and give the apt treatment for it to have a healthy life.

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